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Excesss Trivia can even customize the questions for your bar, or even use content you provide, specific to your special event! Great for weekly trivia nights in bars and restaurants, perfect for reunions and wedding rehearsal dinners, and great fun at corporate retreats or training events!

Play Jeopardy-style trivia and win Bar Tabs!

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Two fun ways to play!
Most shows feature BUZZER-style trivia! Ring in first to answer - it is Jeopardy-style Trivia with up to 10 teams!
buzzer ring in first trivia
Other shows feature Multichoice BUTTON-style trivia! Same great game format, but with multiple choice answers and EVERYONE can answer!
multi choice button trivia



We have many different designs brought to you as posters, flyers and table tents. Just fill in your show day and time and bar info and promote your night!

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Below is our photogallery of Excesss Trivia hosts. Click on any portraits to read a bio and see a list of current shows where you can find that host!

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Find an Excesss Trivia Show Find an Excesss Trivia Show near you! See a list of our shows listed by day and time, and see what prizes each location is offering! Contact us for information on securing Excesss Trivia for your venue or special event Find out how your venue or special event can have an Excesss Trivia night. Our rates our affordable and we can provide all needed equipment. We can even customize content! Great for not only bars & restaurants, but also for corporate events, reunions and birthdays, and wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners!
Send us your question ideas and trivia categories! We want to hear from YOU!!! Send us your trivia questions or ideas for categories! Favorite subjects, useless facts, random hobbies, stange or unique interests... anything you think would make a great trivia question or category, drop us a line! Meet Your Excesss Trivia Hosts and find out where their shows are Meet the Excesss Trivia Hosts and see when & where they are hosting their shows. Think YOU got what it takes to beat them, or maybe even become an Excesss Trivia Host yourself?
Your business or product can be featured as a prizes or as a sponsor! Having your product or services offered as a prize is a GREAT way to get exposure for your business. We can even put slides up featuring products or companies in between rounds of trivia, or even customize questions to feature your product! YOU provide US with an exceptional offer on some coupons or gift certificates that could make great prizes, WE provide YOU with new potential customers and provide your company with valuable exposure!

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