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Excesss has been bringing central Ohio the finest in trivia for nearly a decade - and we have been sharing those moments through pictures and videos almost that entire time! While the pics have gone from flip phones and cameras to cell phones, and from our website, to myspace, to Facebook,instagram, snaps and tweets - the magic and fun captured in these pictures remains the same.


Despite our best efforts of trying to capture some of the magic - nothing takes the place of being there. Pub Trivia creates community, creates almost an extended family, and gives people a much needed social outlet from the grind of the day to day.

Of course, we use social media for SO much more than just US sharing OUR pictures. We encourage all of you to share YOUR pics and moments with everyone, as well!


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EXCESSS takes pictures at all our shows that may be used for promotional purposes and shared across social media. By attending any of our shows which occur in public venues, you agree to allow us to take and share these images. We are happy to take down any photo of you - just make the request of your host.

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