Excesss Trivia presents XSQUIZ: our web-based trivia solution patrons play from their phones while it is hosted LIVE in person and ran in-house on your big screens!

XSQUIZ is our exciting new HYBRID MULTIPLE CHOICE trivia format that can be played solo or in teams from everyone's phones! Every team/phone answers every question!

While our buzzer-based trivia is what made us famous, our new XSQUIZ format is super popular as well! This multiple choice trivia format allows every team to answer from their phones, while still being live hosted in person, and projected onto big screens and TVs in the venue/bar! It is a fabulous new format of trivia, great for those looking for a different trivia option!


Want an in-person trivia solution, but one where everyone isn't waiting for answers to be written down, or for papers to be scored?

XSQUIZ could be what you are looking for! We can provide live hosted trivia solutions where everyone plays right from their phones. Our Jumbotron mode lets us put up a big screen, while gameplay and scoring is automatic in real time from people's phones, on the web.


XSQUIZ is a great hybrid trivia format;

everyone gets to answer, like the old pen-and-paper format of trivia, but THIS format still offers multimedia content, big-screen tie-ins, and real-time automated scoring!


XSQUIZ is a slick-looking multiple choice trivia solution, with multimedia content capabilities, and every team answers every question.

XSQUIZ allows each player to play solo on their phones - and we can handle THOUSANDS of players at the same time.


Great hosts make the difference

Excesss Trivia hosts actually write the trivia that they play each week. Your XSQUIZ host will hand out CATEGORY SUGGESTION CARDS- and the trivia for the following week's games will be based on suggested categories... because YOUR LOCAL trivia night should feature trivia written especially for YOUR show!



We've provided our XSQUIZ services for online corporate events, weekly shows in bars and venues, and even at wedding receptions where social distancing constraints have limited dancing


We are a locally owned and operated company!

Support local! Buy local! Play trivia local!


Your host writes your trivia

Other companies- maybe not so much! Excesss Trivia hosts take category suggestions each and every week- and write trivia around YOUR requested subjects, and to a difficulty level appropriate to the crowd showing up! Pub trivia seems especially popular for special events, and themed nights.


XSQUIZ is an innovative online trivia platform, being ran be a professional trivia company and experienced hosts

We've been providing our trivia services for years, and can work with you to make your event successful, and as safe as possible.


XSQUIZ is a super green trivia option!

No paper wasted week after week like you have with traditional pub-style trivia! And offering this for your remote workers or to players across the web means you can have an event where no one has to drive anywhere!


Remote hosted trivia can bring together isolated individuals for valuable team-building and morale-boosting fun.

As more and more people are working remotely, and more and more events are going virtual, we are seeing more and more occasions where XSQUIZ is exactly what is needed to help make online events fun.


Want more information? Ready to book us for YOUR bar, venue, or special event?

Just reach out to Excesss Trivia today! CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US trivia!


So many fun ways to play!

Most shows feature our team play BUZZER-style trivia! Ring in first to answer - it is Jeopardy-style GAMESHOW-paced Trivia with up to 10 or 20 teams!
team buzzer ring in first trivia

Other shows feature Multichoice team-play BUTTON-style trivia! Same great gameshow format, but with multiple choice answers where EVERY TEAM answers every question!
multi choice button trivia

XSQUIZ allows for players to play in person on their phones, or even remotely on their PCs as well! XSQUIZ lets every player or team answer every question!
multi choice button trivia

Our Excesss Music Bingo trivia is second to none! We can use ANY collection of songs you choose for custom games!
music trivia name the tune phone trivia

Most people think it is like taking a test in a bar - but others can't get enough of it! If classic pen-and-paper PUB-STYLE trivia is your thing... we got you covered!
multi choice button trivia

Our Excesss Bingo Services Many bars are doing BINGO now- and we're glad to help out! Our pro hosts, professional sound, and great tunes played between games can make ANY bar's BINGO night stand out from the rest!
music bingo name that tune trivia

Our Excesss Music Bingo trivia is second to none! We can use ANY collection of songs you choose for custom games!
music bingo name that tune trivia

We are always looking for bright, entertaining individuals to be trivia hosts!

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