Excesss Trivia can provide up to 20 buzzers for instant ring-in-and-answer quizes (where the fastest on the buzzer gets to answer), or 10 handheld multiple choice units (which allows all participants to answer).

We provide everything - including amplification, video, and an engaging host - for a painless easy way to make your special event fun and exciting!

Just contact us and we can handle everything... for a lot less than you might think!

  balloons Make your special event really special!

Excesss Trivia can provide you with a unique, fun, engaging experience - TV Gameshow style trivia excitement!

We can host an event where your guests can compete as individuals or as teams in a fast-paced, fun TV game-show style trivia experience!

We can provide questions on just about any subject, or you can even provide questions for us! That's right, all the questions can be about anything you want.. we can even write custom trivia for the guest of honor or tailored to the theme of your big day!! Excesss trivia is perfect for:

  • birthdays
  • reunions
  • rehearsal dinners
  • additional wedding reception entertainment
  • we can even tailor the gameshow questions to your special day
  • for any ages, any tastes!

Make your special day really stand out and remembered!
Let Excesss Trivia make your birthday reunion or other special event fun & exciting! Your Excesss Trivia host can even tailor our questions specifically for your guest of honor or the event theme!

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