Excesss Trivia can provide up to 20 buzzers for instant ring-in-and-answer quizes (where the fastest on the buzzer gets to answer), or 10 handheld multiple choice units (which allows all participants to answer).

We provide everything - including amplification, video, and an engaging host - for a painless easy way to make your reheasrsal dinner engaging and memorable.

Just contact us and we can handle everything... for a lot less than you might think.

  wedding holding bride's hand Make your Rehearsal Dinner Special!

The rehearsal dinner is when that special group of friends and family that are participating in your wedding gather to practice, catch up, and usually dine together before the big day. But after the actual practice is over, what do you do to entertain the guests? Excesss Trivia can provide you with a unique, fun, engaging experience - TV Gameshow style trivia excitment!

We can host an event where your guests can compete as individuals or as teams to see who knows the most about the bride and groom and their friends and family!

All the questions can be customized to be about you and yours, and can include:

  • photos
  • video clips
  • song files
  • as well as any questions you would like us to ask!
  • we will tailor the gameshow to your special day

Make your rehearsal dinner fun & memorable!
We are always looking for bars & restaurants that would like to bring gameshow-style trivia excitement to their venue.
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