Excesss Trivia can provide up to 10 buzzers for instant ring-in-and-answer quizzes (where the fastest on the buzzer gets to answer), or up to 10 handheld multiple choice units (which allows all participants to answer).

We provide everything - including amplification, video, and an engaging host - for a painless easy way to make your bar pub trivia night fun and exciting!

Just contact us and we can handle everything... for a lot less than you might think!

Excesss Trivia isn't just for bars!
It is perfect for rehearsal dinners, reunions, and special events and even corporate events, meetings, seminars, retreats, and training sessions!


We have many different designs brought to you as posters, flyers and table tents. Just fill in your show day and time and bar info and promote your night!
Play Jeopardy-style trivia and win Bar Tabs!

  Want more business?

Excesss Trivia can provide you with a unique, fun, engaging experience - TV Gameshow-style trivia excitment!

Let us host a weekly trivia night where your patrons can compete -as individuals or as teams- in a fast-paced, fun TV game-show style trivia challenge!

We can provide questions on just about any subject, or you can even suggest the categories of questions you would prefer. Excesss Trivia is perfect for:

  • bars
  • restaurants
  • sports bars or lounges
  • added service for convention centers
  • additional banquet hall entertainment
  • private gatherings or country clubs

Contact us to find out how easy it is to get started with an Excesss Trivia night!

In the space below, please tell us about your upcoming event. Include date(s) and location/facility of your event as well as all relevant contact information.

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